Flood and water clean-up services in London: Nova Clean

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Water and flood damage cleaning LondonNOVA CLEAN is at your service for the meticulous restoration after water damage, cleaning of flats and houses after flood damage in London. We carry out all kinds of restoration after water damage, water leaks or flooding in Greater London. Cleaning up after a damage is often a difficult, even extreme, task. Following flooding or water damage, it is sometimes necessary to pump out and evacuate the water, and dry and dehumidify the premises. We offer carpet washing after water damage and carpet cleaning after flooding.

More than just cleaning, NOVA CLEAN offers all the services you may need to completely restore your flat or house after a flood, cleaning after fire damage in London.

Quote requests

We manage a flat in London. Following a disaster that caused damage to a cellar, we need to vacuum up the water on the floor (waste water with toilet paper, etc.), clean the floor, lay a carpet and remove odours as far as possible. A video of the cellar is attached. I would be grateful if you could come out tomorrow and give me an estimate.

I'd like to have a flatcleaned. It's been lived in for a long time and now has a lot of mould following minor water damage. It is present on the walls and ceiling of the shower room (tiles, wood, shower), around the window (PVC, wood wallpaper), and on the ceiling of the mezzanine (wallpaper and wood). Please quote.

Following a back-up of the toilet in our flat during the holidays, we would like an estimate for: removal of the stagnant water in the toilet area (approx. 1-2 cm), as well as cleaning the toilet and the entire affected area. The room is 14 sqm (including the toilet), furnished (only a mini fridge and a small trolley that can be easily moved) and located in the basement.

I am looking for a company to clean and restore my home following water damage for a major under protective supervision. It's a small house on 2 levels. The water heater upstairs broke and the water flooded the ground floor. I think we need to heat dehydrate / clean so that I can then call in a company to carry out the repairs. The ceiling has fallen in the hallway and the flat is very cluttered. Mr is no longer living there and is now in an old people's home. What can you suggest? How can we proceed? I have to send quotes to the insurer before I can intervene.