Hoarding cleaning services in London: Nova Clean

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Nova Clean company provides hoarder cleaning services in London, extreme cleaning services, decluttering, house clearance and disinfection in hoarding houses.

Hoarding cleaning LondonCleanup after compulsive hoarding disorder

NOVA CLEAN is at your service for deep cleaning after compulsive hoarding in Greater London with qualified professionals. Regularly confronted with situations of extreme dirtiness and insalubrity, we have a great deal of experience in extreme cleaning, the most complex of which is hoarding disorder.

Nova Clean cleaning company is offering you a comprehensive service and a single point of contact for sorting your belongings, disposing of rubbish, clearing out furniture, disinfecting and cleaning your house or flat.

Hoarding disorder is generally the result of carelessness, with the sufferer completely neglecting all the basic rules of hygiene and no longer maintaining their home. People suffering from the syndrome generally accumulate all sorts of objects and belongings, but sometimes also rubbish bins and excrement. The situation can quickly become extreme and action needs to be taken quickly.

Decluttering ang house clearance in hoarder houses in London

One of the most difficult tasks in a case of hoarding disorder is certainly getting rid of a large accumulation of belongings and various objects piled up on the floor, as well as disposing of various types of rubbish, spoiled food and cleaning up excrement. Sometimes it's almost impossible to get around in a hoarding house because of the clutter and unbearable smells. We provide decluttering, house clearance, waste removal in hoarder houses.

Very often you will be alerted by a neighbour who no longer suppresses the odours emanating from hoarder houses.

diogene cleaning LondonDisinfection and decontamination following hoarding disorder

In these extremely dirty/unsanitary conditions, bacteria and infectious agents proliferate, endangering the health of the occupant of the dwelling as well as that of nearby neighbours. We carry out a complete disinfection of the dwelling, both by aerial and fumigant methods, and by meticulous cleaning of all surfaces. We are regularly confronted with cleaning after death London where the person was suffering from hoarding disorder and in this case body fluids and blood are present.

All traces of body fluids and blood must be removed. Fabric furniture, mattresses, sofas and carpets affected by fluids should be disposed of and treated at a waste disposal centre in accordance with alI standards. Carpets and wooden floors that absorb fluids must sometimes be removed to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and odours.

We provide a disinfection certificate for all cleaning after hoarding disorder.

We carry out:

Clearance of furniture and waste
Disinfection and decontamination of the premises
Thorough cleaning of all surfaces
Odour elimination
We offer a personalised quote tailored to each situation.